About the Hatta Wellbeing Campus

Inspire your students and allow them to escape the confines of the classroom with outdoor learning programmes that use engaging, hands-on activities set in a natural environment.

Designed to lay the foundation for healthy living and a life-long way to mindfulness, programmes and activities are the result of a unique partnership between public, private and not-for-profit organisations that have come together with the aim of bringing students closer to nature, the local culture and their wellbeing.

For this season, we’re inviting students aged 13-15 from Dubai schools to take part in the ‘Discover The Treasures of Hatta’ programme, an exciting one night residential camp that transforms the beautiful Hatta landscape and its community into an extension of the classroom.

Along with the student programmes, the Hatta Wellbeing Campus also provides opportunities for teachers to refuel away from the daily routine and get to know more about the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, not only for their students, but for themselves too.



Discover the Treasures of Hatta
A mindful journey to wellbeing

An exciting one night residential camp for students that transforms the beautiful Hatta landscape and its community into an extension of the classroom.

Designed to develop mindfulness as a tool towards wellbeing, the programme will provide opportunities for students to be challenged physically, emotionally and socially.

Students will embark on a journey of discovery through the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ – Give, Be Active, Connect, Keep Learning and Take Notice – with the aim to inspire the desire to take action for themselves and their own communities.

The ‘Discover The Treasures of Hatta’ programme is designed and delivered by our partners at Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), Ecoventure and and JA Hatta Fort Hotel part of JA Resorts & Hotels.

GUI is building a 21st Century ‘School of Life’ that offers experiential, place-based learning in a nature-inspired community campus in the heartlands of Singapore. GUI has pioneered dynamic ways of shaping people and nurturing leaders by forging a beautiful connection with the earth and the community.

Ecoventure provides the highest standards of adventure-based learning in a safe and health-led environment and is passionate about providing an holistic approach to education where young people can develop an understanding of the environment, themselves and others.

Facilities to enable students to get the most from the Hatta experience are provided by JA Hatta Fort Hotel, an iconic mountain weekend retreat set in the Hajar Mountains. Earlier this year the hotel underwent a complete refurbishment, which coincided with the launch of the new eco-tourism initiative that encompasses the development of our Hatta wellbeing programme. This project in its entirety, coupled with JA Group’s support to develop UAE Youth through different programmes, places them as the perfect partner to support students staying at the campsite.

The programme at a glance

  • 1 night/2 days
  • For students in Grades 7, 8 and 9 (aged 13-15)
  • Groups of 45 students per trip
  • Students arrive at 9:30am in the morning, and leave the following day at 12pm
  • Students camp overnight and will take part in activities including tent assembly, hiking, cooking, farming and mindfulness
  • Students will:

    o Appreciate key concepts connected to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing
    o Be inspired to embrace the 5 Ways to Wellbeing day-to-day
    o Connect with team mates and channel team spirit
    o Find calmness and focus
    o Become socially aware of the world around them
    o Boost the sense of community
    o Become aware of social, environmental and sustainability practices
    o Be more informed about Hatta and its community
    o Take home valuable and actionable lessons

Teachers programme

More details coming soon. Watch this space!


Registration and Planning

How do students register for the Hatta camp experience?
Students can only register for the camp via an online link that is sent to you from Ecoventure. Please share the link with students and parents/guardians. Students who are not registered at least one week ahead of the programme start date will not be able to take part.

How should teachers prepare students for the programme?
Divide students into 4 groups and provide students with general information about wellbeing and how it relates to education before travelling to the Hatta camp. After returning to Dubai, we would love teachers to discuss with students how they can integrate wellbeing into their academic learning and community.

The Journey

How do we transport our students to the Hatta camp?
If you have limited transport facilities at your school, Ecoventure can organise transportation from/to your school for a pre-arranged fee. Alternatively, you may use your own school transport.

How do we get to Hatta?
Non-GCC nationals (expatriates) are no longer allowed to take the direct E44 route between Al Madam and Hatta, which enters Omani territory. We therefore recommend to use the Sharjah-Kalba road. By bus, the journey is approximately 2 hours 15 minutes from Dubai.

Where and when is the meeting point in Hatta?
Schools are expected to arrive in Hatta by 9:30am. Students should be dropped-off at Hatta Fort Hotel.

Where and when is the departure from Hatta?
Activities will finish by midday and buses should collect students from Hatta Fort Hotel.

Does transport remain at the site in Hatta throughout the camp?
We’ll need to move students around Hatta at the following specific times:
Early in the afternoon on Day 1 (around 2pm) to travel to Hatta Dam and return journey to night camp at approximately 5pm.
Outside these times transport at the camp is not required.

Health & Safety

We need a copy of the risk assessment details and other health and safety documents. Who can we ask?
Ecoventure can provide you with these. Please contact the Ecoventure team at info@ecoventureme.com or +97144558777.

What if there is a medical emergency?
The Hatta Hill Hospital is open 24/7 and is located a short drive from the campsite.

How much physical activity are teachers expected to participate in?
There should be one teacher for every 10 students and teachers are expected to complete the Hatta camp journey with them. There will not be extreme physical challenges, but definitely some walking involved.

As teachers, are we solely responsible for the care of the students during their stay at the camp?
During daytime activities, teachers are expected to be present with students at all times. Activities finish at approximately 9:30pm and hereafter teachers are legally and solely responsible for their students throughout the night. Educators from Ecoventure and Ground-Up Initiative will be present at the camp at all times and will assist in case of emergency. Hotel guards will also be on duty to help.

What to bring?

Which personal items do students/teachers need to bring to the camp?
Student/teachers will sleep at the camp overnight and will need to bring:
• Sleeping bag
• Flip flops and/or other spare shoes for the evening
• T-shirt and mid-length shorts or sport leggings for Day 2
• A light jacket / sweater / raincoat for the evening / night
• Pyjamas, underwear and socks
• Toothbrush and any personal hygiene and medication necessary
• Towel
• Wash kit (shower gel, toothpaste, etc )
• Torch
• Bag for dirty or wet clothes

Please note, the campsite will provide students/teachers with tents and sleeping mattresses.

What should students/teachers bring for day activities at the camp?
Students should bring a light and practical backpack. We recommend:
• Refillable water bottle (the camp does not provide plastic bottles of water)
• Sunscreen
• Hat
• Sunglasses

What should students/teachers wear for day activities at the camp?
Taking into account the activities planned for the camp we recommend:
• Comfortable walking shoes (closed toe)
• T-shirt and mid-length shorts or sport leggings

What should students/teachers bring for lunch on Day 1?
Hygienic and functional lunchboxes should contain a healthy sandwich and finger foods. A healthy snack will also be required for the afternoon. Avoid processed food, such as crisps, soft drinks and energy drinks as these will not provide the nutrition needed for the active day. Dry goods are the best option, such as nuts, trail mix, raisins etc and banana. Please note, a healthy dinner on Day 1 will be provided. A breakfast plus healthy lunch will provided for Day 2.

Can students bring electronic devices with them?
Students will not be allowed to carry mobile phones during the day and/or evening activities. They are welcome to bring cameras to take pictures.
Please note, a professional videographer will be present throughout the duration of the programme. Please inform families ahead of the programme start date and notify us of any student who wishes to not be filmed. We will be looking for volunteers to share details of their experience on film; please recommend students who would like to take part.

What if it rains on the day?
The programme is designed to take place whatever the weather, so long as roads are safe to travel by to and from Hatta.

Need to know more? Here’s how.

EcoVenture will hold a pre-programme meeting for teachers whereby all participating schools will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive further details about the trip. Meeting location TBC.


Discover the Treasures of Hatta


Tuesday/Wednesday Thursday/Friday Monday/Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday
14-15 November 16-17 November 20-21 November 22-23 November


Saturday/Sunday Monday/Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday Sunday/Monday
27-28 January 29-30 January 31-1 February 4-5 February

Teachers programme

3 February

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Register your school direct with EcoVenture here, send an email to info@ecoventureme.com or call +97144558777 to be a part of this unique and dynamic learning experience!

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